9/11 THE HORROR OF THAT DAY.  I lost the love of my life that day.  The details are to horrible to go through with you, but you have given me a memento that is priceless.  I sent you his favorite shirt.  The one with the silly bear on the front.  You were able to made that shirt into a memory pillow that I hold next to my heart every night.  God Bless you for your Ministry.

My grandma and grandpa celebrated their 50th last year.  When grandpa came courting he gave grandma a rose.  She placed it in her Bible.  For their 50th I had you make that rose into a Finger Rosary.  The tears of joy will be a moment that I will never forget.  Thank you

Many years ago my father passed away.  I took the petals and had you make rosaries for myself and my brothers.  My oldest brother lives in the Houston area that was devasted by Hurricane Harvey.  His home was completed flooded by 6 feet of water.  As he was hauling wheel barrows full of debris, his wheel barrow hit a pile of trash.  The impact shook the trash pile and a cigar box fell from the top.  As it rolled down it split open and out of the box fell dad’s rosary.  Right in front of my brother.  He said he sat and cried for an hour.  It was like dad was letting my brother know he was with him and everything would be all right.

A vintage wedding dress worn by my great grandmother was what I sent you last year.  I wanted to use it for my own wedding, but mice had eaten most of it.  But what they hadn’t You worked Your Magic and made necklaces and bracelets for myself and my brides maids.  What a memory.