Flowers, Ribbon, Material, Hair, Ashes, etc. made into Keepsakes

Life isn’t fair.  How can I help my family cope with our loss?

I decided to do some research into having something made from our flowers, ribbons and even his favorite shirt.

As I was researching I found a company that can use the Funeral Flowers and make keepsakes such as rosaries,necklaces, key chains, etc.  And they could use the ribbons for angels and his shirt for a memory pillow.

But I thought that maybe I could make some of the items myself.

So I found the recipe for making rosaries on the internet.  But I read that if you follow the internet recipe, or if the person crafting your keepsakes uses it,  your “beads” will look black and have no aroma. I have actually talked to a lady who received such a rosary.  Though  it, she couldn’t believe how dark the red roses turned and now (after 6 years) the beads were crumbling to pieces.

After this “downer” I continued my search for another option.

I came across a company named Heart Keepsakes.  And as I checked them out, I found out that they have been in business since 1982.  I emailed them and asked they about their guarantee.

They stated that since 1982 they have only had one item returned damaged.  And that was because a woman ran over her rosary with her CAR!  So they don’t guarantee Car Damage…but they were able to make a finger rosary from the “slightly damaged”beads.

They stated that they DO NOT use the recipe on the internet….those won’t last.  Heart Keepsakes has a patented pending formula that allows their keepsakes to last (so for over 36years).  And also allows them to retain most of their original color and aroma.

Check them out at:

I am totally pleased as are my friends who received their memorable keepsakes.

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